"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" -Albert Einstein


I do these crazy multi-media sculptures sewing semi-precious stone beads onto wire armatures. This one is in storage on Kaua'i but will soon be released from storage and available called "Celestial Warrior"

Rose Quartz, Mother of Pearl, Smokey Quartz, Fresh water Pear, glass, metal and other assorted objects adhered to a wood panel.  2007


Send someone you Love a 'Love Letter'! You can even send one to yourself!

These are small little sculptures fashioned with coral found on the beach naturally shaped like letters and adhered to drift wood and other surfaces.  They are most certainly masde with Love!


Sometimes I run out of canvas...

Would you like to have a personalized Mobile Mural?


Give me some clay and some beads...Oh Boy!

'Raku' 2001 NFS but gives you an idea of possible commissions.  


Sometimes it's the little things...Here's a wee little installation in my bathroom that brightens my every morning!

All things Interior Design wise I find to be some of the most pleasurable work...Discounts for my enjoyment of the work however, are no longer available.  I am also a consultant on how energy flows through your space and how to beautify it in a myriad of ENDLESS WAYS!  Let's talk!


I can fix just about any 'Bad hair day'! I funded my art addiction for several years doing corn rows, french braids and Hair Wraps in Key West...You'd be amazed what you can put in and do with your hair!


Personalized Hair Wraps...

Generally speaking a hair wrap is between 15 and 50 dollars depending on the length and cost of the beads and it lasts up to one year in you hair.  I use 100% cotton color fast thread and an endless array of beads.  I can incorporate your astrology, numerology, symbols, totems, birthstones and all kinds of other meaningful aspects to your hair wrap...It's Cool!  


Pick a Medium, any Medium!


And Yes, in case you haven't figured it out by now...I am a nut ball!

We are all Masterpieces in progress...Aloha!