A Truly One-of-a-kind, Multi-Media, Virtual Gallery. Aloha!

A Truly One-of-a-kind, Multi-Media, Virtual Gallery. Aloha!A Truly One-of-a-kind, Multi-Media, Virtual Gallery. Aloha!

A Truly One-of-a-kind, Multi-Media, Virtual Gallery. Aloha!

A Truly One-of-a-kind, Multi-Media, Virtual Gallery. Aloha!A Truly One-of-a-kind, Multi-Media, Virtual Gallery. Aloha!

The Above map is Millicent's newest project...Interested parties inquire Below.


The Above map is Millicent's newest project...Interested parties inquire Below.

So who is Millicent Cummings...


The Artist

Cummings has shown her multi-media work in one-woman and group shows from NYC to Honolulu.  Visit the pages above to find a treasure for yourself or someone you love.  If it is already sold we can do a commission or create something together that none of us could have imagined!.  We hope this little window into her life's work finds you well and happy!  Thank you for coming!


The Musician

Cummings is also a Professional Performer, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist having released 5 CD's on her own music label.  Visit the Music Page for all things Musical where you'll find samples of her original works, videos, links and a list of upcoming events.   She was working on her new Production, a CD/DVD/Film entitled "High Time to Rise" but is now focusing most of her attention on her Educational Arts Academy, (See above).  Thank you for your support!


The Instructor

Cummings also offers personalized classes and workshops for students of all ages and stages in Voice, Intermediate Guitar, Slack Key Guitar, Beginning Ukulele, Songwriting, Anatomy Life Drawing and all manner of Arts and Crafts.  With your support she will work in concert with other instructors to offer every media known to human kind through the Educational Arts Academy.  Ea!

Speaking of ART...Did you know, Thou ART That?


How would you like to experience that? Consider being part of a Multi-Media Performance by YOU!

 T.A.T. (Thou Art That), is a workshop that is literally a Dance through one's own life, a Portrait of the soul's journey, an Enactment of the Great Drama that is our shared Humanity/Divinity climaxing in a Live Performance by all the participants, revealing the Arts to be time honored tools for Self Actualization and Collective Harmony, illustrating our own Diva hood and providing a map into the Masterpiece that we already are...Not to speak of what we are becoming!  If ever there was a time in OURstory to cook up something really cool...Now would be the time!  Thou ART That!



Artist Biography


     Millicent Cummings is an award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist, recording and multimedia fine artist, producer, instructor and advocate of the Arts. She is also an activist deeply involved in the protection of human, animal and environmental rights and is most importantly a Mother.  Cummings graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC a quarter of a century ago and has taught both music and art through such venues as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC Police Athletic League, San Francisco Academy of Art University, Kaua'i Academy of Creative Arts, YWCA, Kailua Music School, Hawai'i Museum of Contemporary Art and numerous other public and private learning environments. 

     One of her recent CD Releases of original music called, 'Altar Native" was a Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee and she was the recipient of the Peoples Choice Award in 2003 and the Best Song Award in 2010 at the Mokihana Music Festival.  She has produced festivals like the annual 'Wahine Fest' now in its 10th year, as well as numerous other multimedia productions, cabarets, panel discussions, non-violent direct actions and workshops for both children and adults.  She is presently working on her next CD which will also be the soundtrack to a film she has been working on for the past several years.

     Cummings has produced music videos and documentaries for Ho'ike and Olelo Community Television, hosted a music radio program on KKCR called 'Kaua'i Live', curated her own fine art gallery called 'Gallery M' on Kaua'i and just closed her Hilo gallery, the "Mother Tongue" Gallery exhibiting her art and producing musical events and other 'Happenings'.  She has emceed numerous productions and open mics and also performed in the internationally acclaimed, 'Vagina Monologues'.  She has given both one-woman and group exhibitions of her multimedia paintings and sculptures from New York City to Honolulu and has been a profoundly grateful resident of the Hawaiian Islands for the past 20 years presently living on Moku O Keawe, (The island of Hawai'i).

       Due to the challenges of our most interesting times, she has shifted her focus from the next CD/Film project to EAA, (Educational Arts Academy), an alternative to the Public School System that teaches children and adults through the Arts instead of the Arts being peripheral to the main curriculum.  It is a grassroots, ground up project seeking teachers, administrators, healers, farmers and grant writers so please contact Millicent if you are interested getting involved.  .She was Vice President on the Board of the Storybook Theatre for five years and also created her own curriculum for young adults called, Multi Media Mania with Millicent.  Thus dubbed, 'The Mistress of Media', Cummings is a true 'Renaissance Woman of the Arts', viewing all of them as tools for both individual and collective healing, not just for self expression but more importantly for self realization.  She holds the opinion that the Arts are needed more now than at any other time in OURstory as they have always been the connective tissue that holds communities together all around this wonderful world of ours.  Peace on earth indeed!   ALOHA!

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Since the Arts have supported us throughout all of time, it's a good thing to support the Arts!

Mahalo for your support!  ALOHA!!!